Fratelli Torneo Lemon Groves

Syracuse, 1961. Natale Torneo founded these lemon groves: more than 50 hectares dedicated to the Syracusan ‘femminello’ variety, cultivated in open fields without fertilisers or chemical compounds.

Fragrant, Juicy, Sought after

The Syracusan ‘femminello’ lemon is a prestigious variety: very fragrant, sought after for its aromatic peel extremely rich in essential oils, and appreciated for its particularly juicy pulp (30% more than other lemon qualities).

The Syracusan ‘femminello’, so called for its fertility, flourishes all year round: with notes that change in the fruit with the changing seasons.

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Since 1961,
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Founded by Natale Torneo, our company has more than 50 hectares dedicated to the Syracusan ‘femminello’ lemon variety.

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